Wednesday, April 28, 2010

One of Sonny Terry's Harmonicas

This is one of my most prized possesions, in the 1970's Sonny Terry visited my home and we made a home recording together. Right as he was leaving, he gave me this harmonica as a token of his appreciation for having him over to the house for dinner. It is a Hohner Marine Band model in the key of B.


  1. That is awesome! Sonny and terry are my all time favorites. You are one lucky person to have such treasure like that and to have played with a legend! :-)

    1. How insulting it is to know that people took advantage of these guys like this. You recorded him for a damn meal? Ill bet his family wont even reap the enjoyment of listening to this, let alone publishing and writers credits...I guess all of that will go your estate. Good things Blacks were in the inferior position that they were in back then, huh, Swamper? Let your decedents know how hard their ancestor worked to take advantage so that they would have a lil estate....Disgusting.....